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Tandem flight with Paramotoring Ireland

Tandem flight

Tandem introduction flight performed using Dudek Orca XX Cabrio wing and AirConception Tornado paramotor. A student flying tandem. It is a perfect way of showing the feel of the flying. It could be once off adventure or introduction to further training.

Our training site is located 30km west of Dublin, Ireland. Over 5 days of powered paragliding course you should be able to fly on your own, all equipment provided.

tandem flight

If you want to get a flight is 130e.
40e on top of it for videos/photos from our side.
Session is around 30-60minutes.
We train and fly around Enfield co Meath.

Call Cathal Fowler for more details: +353 86 838 96 44 or mail us.

Pilot beginner training

Pilot beginner training. We will take you for a journey from flight theory through beginner level to flying solo!! Our training site is located outside Enfield, co Meath. Over 5 days powered paragliding course you should be able to fly on your own under instruction, all equipment provided. For more information on a training click…
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Evening paramotor tandem flight

Evening paramotor tandem flight We have been very busy for a past few weeks. First and most important were weather conditions. Second also important were few purchases we made! We are using Dudek Orca Cabrio tandem wing. It si big! Big enough to carry 2 people. On our back is our latest gadget - very…
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Windy – application for weather forecast

Windy - application for weather forecast Windy is being used for some time by us to check on weather and especially wind prediction. We can't complain. App is very simple to use and you can add landing fields to your favourites list. Of course Paramotoring Ireland is there! On an example above you can see…
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