Dudek Universal 1.1 wing

Dudek Universal 1.1 wing

Some time ago we had a pleasure to test new invention from Dudek - its Universal 1.1 wing. It is perfect for initial PPG training as well recreational pilots who fly:
- exclusively free (but want to benefit from moderate reflex ability)
- mostly free, sometimes with paramotor
- both free and paramotor
- mostly with paramotor, sometimes free
- exclusively paramotor (but appreciate better economy, easier launch and
nicer handling than in standard paramotor wing, like Synthesis2)

Dudek Universal Dudek Universal

What is the secret?

Universal comes with factory-installed trimmers, but they are disabled, e.g secured with plastic buckle and hidden in a neoprene sock. Along with developing pilot skills, or by the judgement of instructors trimmers can be activated (half, of full), and TST toggles can be installed (kit included in the bag).

We are delighted with this wing and truly recommend it!

To buy or more details contact Cathal here.

Manufacturer website is here.

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