Rules to fly paramotor in Ireland

- In order to fly legally in Ireland you need an exemption/licence issued by the Irish Aviation Authority or to fly under supervision of an approved flying instructor.

- Have a current Class 2 medical cert

- All Flights must be conducted in daylight Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and in Class G air space below 5,000ft above Mean Sea Level (AMSL).

- Any flights made under the exemption shall be in compliance with the requirements of the airworthiness Standards Department of the Authority.

- Your pilot log book and Exemption shall be made available within a reasonable period to :

a. An authorised Officer of the Authority. b. A member of the Garda . c. An officer of the Customs and Excise.

- No flight shall be made for hire or reward or for any valuable consideration.

- The pilot shall maintain a record of all flights made under this exemption in a suitable log book.

- No passenger may be carried during the flight

- Any accident involving substantial injury or death of any person or substantial damage to the equipment being used for a flying shall be reported in writing to the authority in respective of liability to report same information to the Air Accidental Unit of the Department of Transport

- No flight may be made at any height over a town, city or built up area; any area of commercial, residential or recreational use; any open air assembly of persons, whethere gathered in connection with an event of public entertainment or otherwise.
Exemption/license are only valid while the insurance cover is in force.

*The above Air Law can change from time to time and it is your responsibility to be fully aware, ignorance of the law is no defence in a court of law.

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