Ground handling training

Ground handling training

We were looking for a favourable weather for a long long time.
This is how ground handling training looks like.
Students learn on our training field some 20 miles west of Dublin.

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Pilot beginner training.

We will take you for a journey from flight theory through beginner level to flying solo!
From training on the ground up to the skies.
Over 5 days powered paragliding course you should be able to fly on your own under instruction, all equipment provided.

Try us before overpaying abroad. We can give you best impartial advice.

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New Hadron 3 wing

New Hadron3 wing is coming. We are VERY much excited! PURPOSE This wing is dedicated for the active and much flying pilots, who know the character of reflex paragliders and can manage them well. Hadron 3 has been designed as a solid vehicle for fast covering the ground. It features wide speed range, precise steering…
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Apollo 11 Moon landing 50th anniversary

Apollo 11 moon landing 50th anniversary 50 years ago on 16th of July, 1969 three men left Earth to do the impossible. To land on the Moon on 20th of July. Check on real-time journey of Apollo 11 here.
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