Rules to fly paramotor in Ireland


- In order to fly legally in Ireland you need an exemption/licence issued by the Irish Aviation Authority or to fly under supervision of an approved flying instructor.

- Have a current Class 2 medical cert

- All Flights must be conducted in daylight Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and in Class G air space below 5,000ft above Mean Sea Level (AMSL).

- Any flights made under the exemption shall be in compliance with the requirements of the airworthiness Standards Department of the Authority.

- Your pilot log book and Exemption shall be made available within a reasonable period to :

a. An authorised Officer of the Authority. b. A member of the Garda . c. An officer of the Customs and Excise.

- No flight shall be made for hire or reward or for any valuable consideration.

- The pilot shall maintain a record of all flights made under this exemption in a suitable log book.

- No passenger may be carried during the flight

- Any accident involving substantial injury or death of any person or substantial damage to the equipment being used for a flying shall be reported in writing to the authority in respective of liability to report same information to the Air Accidental Unit of the Department of Transport

- No flight may be made at any height over a town, city or built up area; any area of commercial, residential or recreational use; any open air assembly of persons, whethere gathered in connection with an event of public entertainment or otherwise.
Exemption/license are only valid while the insurance cover is in force.

*The above Air Law can change from time to time and it is your responsibility to be fully aware, ignorance of the law is no defence in a court of law.


Is it safe sport?


Like any other sport activity paramotoring is reasonably safe sport. Use proper quality wings and motor, do not misjudge your skills to avoid injury.


How long does training last?


That depends on weather conditions and one's progress. Usually after 4-5 days you should be airborne on your first flight!
To master your skills takes much longer.


Do I have to buy some equipment?


No, we provide all equipment necessary. Take courage and commitment just 🙂

Seriously - TAKE YOUR TIME.
With a huge choice on offer getting the right paramotoring equipment can seem overwhelming. It’s very important to make an informed decision, so talk with your instructor.
We have seen clients getting poor training and not right equipment on courses abroad. Not to mention well overpaying.