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Cross country paramotor flight

Cross country paramotor flight Another great day for paramotoring and cross country flight! Weather was gorgeous today, we got to our flying site 30km west of Dublin early afternoon. Today's plan was cross country flight and orientation training with map. It is important skill after you master some basics. For more details contact Cathal on 086 838…
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Paramotor take off

Perfect weather for paramotor! We enjoyed weather so much last Saturday! Morning was rather disappointing but afternoon like that was long awaited. Our training site has unrestricted air space and it is located around 30km west of Dublin. Get in touch with us for more details here.
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Paramotors over the peninsula

Paramotors are considerably safe machines. Check your equipment and do not misjudge your skills. We organise equipment provided powered paragliding courses on our training site 30km west of Dublin, Ireland. Why not to try if it is a sport for you. Drop us a line here.
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